August 2019 - September 2019  @Beijing @Shanghai

To explore and analyse Western entertainment law, rights, deal making and contracting; including Entertainment Value Chain, Development (IP and Copyright), Packaging and Talent, Financing, Production, Insurance and Bonding, Sales and Distribution.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Senior and advanced executives in Chinese studios, production houses, and distribution, including CEOs, managers, business affairs and legal back office.

Day One: Underlying rights, Development and Packaging

-  The Film and Entertainment Value Chain & Project Development

Chain of title, writers and talent contracts, option and buy outs, development finance contracts.

The session will also address how to negotiate and handle agents and managers.

Day Two: Production and Finance

- The Independent Recoupment Model & Key Production and Finance strategies and legal issues

Day Three: Co-production and Distribution Contracting 

Day Four: Strategy and Further Legal and Practical Challenges