BFI London Film Festival (LFF) is a “a festival of film festivals”. During this 5-day LFF field-trip, you will be able to attend screenings  of all strands both in competition and out of competition, with a Student Accreditation. Screenings with Q&As and of Asian & Chinese cinema are prioritized. Besides, you can also attend various talks from leading filmmakers and creatives.

The London Film Festival Programme is highly practical and is comprised of a range of masterclass sessions and case studies to be delivered over eight days. The Course Director, Angus Finney, has a range of credentials – including academic, training, practical, managerial and international – and he has designed all workshops and guests accordingly. The programme will include specialist British and International experts at each workshop who are highly respected professionals in their respective expertise, and where relevant the Course Director will source international contacts in sales, finance and distribution to add value to the delivery. The objective is that each cohort member will have a solid understanding of the international film industry’s structure and practices  beyond the Chinese market. 


Target Audience

25+ Chinese visiting film and entertainment professionals who attach career and professional development value to learning about the international film industry. 10+ Chinese professionals also to attend while already based in the UK.