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In filmmaking, I'm shaped.

              In film, we're connected.

About Us.

Plus One Films (POF) is a London-based film production, exhibition and education company.  In recent years, POF has expanded its business to international territories, including Europe, China, South Korea and Japan. 


POF has contracted with Chinese studios to acquire theatre adaptation rights of IPs including Parasite (Korea), the Invisible Guest (Spain), Memories of Matsuko (Japan), to name but a few, to be adapted to plays and show in China. We provides complete management services to intellectual property owners. We assist on branding, packaging and promoting intellectual works in order to show their value and competitive advantage on film and television productions.

POF initiated ‘Chinese Cinema Project’ which showcases feature and shorts from young and under-represented Chinese filmmakers in the UK, by organizing regular screenings and filmmaker-centered retro seasons. It also collaborates with film festivals / organisations that share the same vision such as The Garden Cinema, Beijing International Short Film Festival (BISFF) and Berlin NewGen Chinese Film Festival. 

POF also creates and delivers high-quality, practical, short-term film workshops, with a focus on the film value chain and film festival fieldtrips. It aims to educate film talents to better engage with the international film industry, by offering the opportunity to meet world experts in all aspects of film. 

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